Website Designs:

Go2ComputerGuy offers a wide variety of website designs with affordable rates!

Custom websites are tailored to your specific needs and requirements.

During website construction, Go2ComputerGuy offers regular conferences with clients to maintain customer satisfaction!

Once the site is complete the customer has the choice to:

keep the site up to date by the owner/client

or have Go2ComputerGuy maintain it:

No monthly or yearly charges for this service!

Note: there is still monthly and yearly charges for hosting and domain by your hosting provider.

Note: The domain and hosting is strictly operated in the owners’ name and accounts. The owner has 100% rights to the website at all time after the site has been completed.

Go2ComputerGuy also offers website services such as:

Domain transfers

Email set-up and transfer

Hosting set-up

Website maintenance

Website updating


Featuring Go2ComputerGuy website designs:


PYS Online

Baxters Wigs

Foley Coating Inc.

EnviroPest inc.

contact global concept , top view desk with headset, computer and map

Remote Desktop:

Go2ComputerGuy offers secure remote computer service at an affordable rate!

Remote desktop is a program feature (Teamviewer) that allows me to connect to a computer in another location, view that particular computer’s desktop and interact with it as if I am there on the spot!

As long as your computer has a solid internet connection and is able to load it’s own operating system, the Remote Desktop service provided by Go2ComputerGuy might be just what you need!

Some of the issues that can be fixed through remote desktop are:

browser issues

email concerns

select software issues i.e. driver updates, upgrades etc.

solid state drives (SSD’s)?

printer setup and fixes


Go2ComputerGuy has worked on computers all over the world!

Indoor and Outdoor WIFI:

Having issues with your WIFI?

Wishing to add WIFI to you home, backyard, pool or patio?

Wanting to upgrade your office or business by adding WIFI?

Go2ComputerGuy offers a wide range of WIFI technology products such as:


AP points


POE port switches

High power outdoor wireless devices

Wireless security cameras

Wireless bridges

In a fast-paced society, WIFI meets all of your needs in a quick and efficient manner!Go2ComputerGuy offers personal, one-to-one WIFI installation and support!

Date Recovery:

Go2ComputerGuy offers a very affordable and effective way to recover all of your important data!

Have you recently lost data from your:

cell phone?

removable storage devices?

internal and external hard drives (HDD’s)?

solid state drives (SSD’s)?

USB flash drives?

Although data recovery is a delicate and often a time-consuming and difficult task,
Go2ComputerGuy’s success rate is exceptional! WIFI?

Contact Go2ComputerGuy for a free quote today!


We live in a data-based world; losing important documents, precious photos and essential emails is no longer acceptable.

Go2ComputerGuy will work for you!



Go2ComputerGuy is knowledgeable and proficient in all Apple & PC hardware components and continuously is up-to-date with new technology, brands & available units.

He offers professional guidance for all of your hardware questions or concerns and will provide expert service for all of your hardware repairs.


ram replacement/upgrade

motherboard replacement/upgrade

power supply replacement

hard drive replacement (SSD UPGRADING)

laptop LCD panels replacement

laptop keyboard replacement

and much much more!